Theresa Tipert
Theresa TipertOwner / Trainer
Theresa is a trainer with over 10 years experience teaching Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word. She has a passion for teaching and loves working to improve teams.

As a professional administrator with over 20 years experience Theresa has developed a reputation for finding simple and efficient ways of doing most tasks.

Theresa also has over 7 years’ experience teaching and facilitating interpersonal workshops. She has been part of the Building a Better Tomorrow Together program with the NS Department of Health and has earned three levels of certification with Personality Insights as a Human Behavior Consultant Speaking Specialist.

Theresa’s energy and enthusiasm for helping people shines through in everything she does. Put her to work for your team!

Matt Tipert
Matt TipertOwner / Developer
Matt has been solving business challenges using computers for 20 years.

Matt has implemented and maintained ISO 9001 quality management systems and specializes in taking raw data, manipulating it and producing useful, readable reports that will help further your business goals.

Using the latest technology, Matt bridges the gap between yesterday’s processes and today’s capabilities. The goal is to optimize tools and processes so that they can be duplicated indefinitely using a fraction of the resources.